Workshop, 10th June: Forging Future Families

Workshop, 10th June: Forging Future Families

Join us on 10 June for the Good Societies workshop, Forging Future Families – followed by refreshments!

In the workshop Forging Future Families, Elly Dreyfus and Sophie Silverstein will explore a feminist-utopian analysis and reconceptualization of the family. This is loosely based on their bachelor theses in which they respectively considered the multi-directional relationship between capitalism and the heterosexual nuclear family (Sophie), and ways in which the teaching of home economics in US high school curricula was (mis)used to justify a gendered division of labor in and through the family (Elly). Beyond all else this workshop is about co-creation: we want to stimulate discussion on how we can forge the families of the future that reflect and strengthen our ideals for a Good Society.


–  Introductory presentation: Introducing “kinship practices” and how institutions and family structures co-constitute each other
– Case studies – what can we learn from speculative fiction about alternative family structures
– What do we want our future families (and societies) to look like?
– … and how to get there

Doors open: 17.00
Workshop begins: 17.30
NieuwLand: Pieter Nieuwlandstraat 93, Amsterdam
Drop us an email if you’d like to take part: info[at]

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