Good Democracy: a Good Societies workshop

Good Democracy: a Good Societies workshop

Join Vreer and Good Societies for a workshop on democracy!

In this workshop we aim to examine some forms of Good Democracy. Some time ago we had a reading group on “Against Elections”. One of the options the author mentioned was sortition, where instead of elections, people are chosen at random to make particular decisions. This is also a mechanism the municipality of Amsterdam is using for citizens engagement. Or should it be workers or citizens councils (analogous to the old soviets)? Or something else entirely?

The more general question is of course: What is a good way of involving people in a democratic process around their interests? If you want to read some more on the topic, you may want to pick CrimethInc’s “From democray to freedom” that is available at Fort van Sjakoo for around a tenner. But no preparation is necessary for this workshop, just come along!

We hope together we can shed some light on what good democracy would and wouldn’t look like.

Sunday 27 October 2019
Doors open: 17:00
Workshop starts: 17:30

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